Helping you change the world for the better, one text at a time.

Hello, I’m Emeline.
I provide reliable French translations and copy for clients who care.

With a focus on inclusivity and sustainability, I sit down at my desk every day determined to make a tangible difference, whether it be for a subject taking part in a clinical trial or the clients of your green brand.

And I’m excited to work with clients who have the same determination, and are sharing it with the world through everything from clinical trials to sustainable products.

Clients just like you.

Emeline Jamoul
French translator and copywriter

The back story

Even when I was at university, studying for my MA, I knew the freelance life was the life for me. Having graduated, I dived straight into freelancing in 2013.

After a few years, Plume Rouge grew into something bigger, a boutique translation and content writing agency. But although it was going well, I soon realised it wasn’t quite right for me.

Because what I really love about this profession is personally working with words on a daily basis, rather than managing other people working with words.

So I’ve gone back to my roots, and Plume Rouge is now, once again, a one-woman show. When you work with me, you’ll know it’s really me crafting every single word, pouring my heart and soul into your project.

The fun facts

Here are a few other things you should know about me:

  • I’m an active member of the CBTI-BKVT (Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters).
  • According to the MBTI test, I’m an ISFJ (Defender). That means when you work with me, you get my unlimited loyalty and support.
  • I’m actively learning German and Arabic in the hope of them becoming working languages one day.
  • Away from my desk, I can probably be tracked down on the treadmill at the gym or knitting with a good book (yes, both at once!).

Never not learning

  • Fundamentals of Medicine for Translators and Interpreters, Translastars, Pablo Mugüerza
  • Introduction à la traduction juridique, Edvenn
  • Translating for the sustainable development sector, Training for Translators, Corinne McKay
  • Écrire sans exclure, Translature, Isabelle Meurville