We love collaborating with other translators and content creators. At Plume Rouge, we have a culture of respect, diversity, sharing, and collaboration. If you think you’d be a good fit, get in touch.

What Plume Rouge expects from suppliers:

  • Detail-oriented – You catch inconsistencies most people would miss.
  • Expertise – You aren’t a jack of all trades. You have a clear specialisation.
  • Reliable and trustworthy – We know we don’t have to worry with a project in your hands.
  • Responsiveness – You’ll never leave us wondering whether you’re on a beach with a mojito and forgot your laptop in the hammock.
  • Creativity – You have a way with creating things out of nothing, or out of something else.
  • Human communication skills – You’re not only a good writer, but you are empathetic and good with people. You can communicate on a higher, goal-oriented level.
  • Proactivity – You aren’t a bare-minimum kind of person. You take action to solve problems.

What Plume Rouge offers:

  • Human-sized agency – You’ll never get a “Dear Vendor” from us.
  • Respect – We respect you, your time, and your professional skills.
  • Collaboration spirit – We’re open-minded and looking to collaborate with both you and the client.
  • Good and healthy atmosphere – We’re good company.
  • Feedback for continuous improvement – Work in an environment of consistent feedback and learning.
  • Long-lasting work relationships – When we like working with someone, we keep working with them.

This is what they say about us:

Think you have what it takes to join our team?