We’re a team of language and content geeks that love collaboration.

With Plume Rouge, our clients can rely on a productive team and a valuable asset to their content strategies.

Our mission is to help businesses create an authentic digital presence across Europe with content and translations that embody their brand voice. As a boutique agency, we pay close attention to our clients’ goals and the nuances of an international content strategy. 

A boutique agency means:

  • A partner that cares more about moving the needle of your business than their own profit margins.
  • You don’t have layers of hierarchy and poor communication disrupting your project.
  • We value person-to-person communication.
  • You know who’s ultimately responsible.
  • Our processes are simple and focused on quality creation.

Our values


We show up and do what needs to be done to achieve your goals


We respect our team members  and our clients. We always make the honest and transparent choice. 


We value meaningful relationships. We work closely with our clients and we care about them.

Continuous Improvement

We're always wearing our student's hat. We're dedicated to continuously growing and learning.  


Empathy is our superpower. We're here to listen to your goals and understand how to help. 


We're open-minded and love gaining new perspectives on things. 

About The founder

Emeline Jamoul, Founder, has been a full-time freelance translator and copywriter for the last 6 years. Calling Brussels her home, she translates and writes into her native French. Her shift to digital communications came naturally as she experienced the impact the right team and strategy could make on a business. Emeline has a Master’s in translation and is a member of the CBTI, the Belgian Translation Chamber.


The story of Plume Rouge

Emeline inaugurated Plume Rouge in 2019, when she saw that brands were looking for more human-sized agencies that could truly solve their content problems. Problems that she and her skilled team were very good at solving. She now works with a network of specialists in all the European languages and in the fields of health, HR, tech, sustainability, luxury goods, and architecture and design. 


This is what they say about us: